Our Story

Our mission:
“Use Hate to Spread Love Around the World”
We were raised to be Gator Haters and soon we discovered we were not alone. Through this website we have discovered Gator Hating reaches as far as Bora-Bora, Japan, New Zealand and even the North Pole!
We are using our Hate to bring us all together for good and not evil.
No matter where you are from, we want to welcome you into the Gator Hater Nation so you can share this Love with others from around the world.
We now have a store so we can look our best on game days!
Within our community “The Gator Hater Nation” we can purchase fun products to express our Gator Hate, network with other Gator Haters, share Gator Hating stories, hunting tales, pictures, tailgating tips, recipes, have pleasant discussions with Gator fans themselves, and, of course, jokes and more jokes.
Please take the time to join our Gator Hater Nation. You can direct topics toward other Gator Haters or towards the Gators themselves.
Please tell any Gator fans you may know about the site because we want their opinions (no matter how stupid they may be) to be expressed here as well.
We have created a community where Gator fans can “trash talk” with Gator Haters from all parts of the globe. This is the only site of its kind, so please help us get as many Gators and Gator Haters together to share the Love with one another in one common community.
We think it is lots of fun and is way past due…